6th February 2018


Simon Anderson BSc (Computer Science) – Project/Design Lead

Simon has 15 years industry experience in software design and engineering, specialising in 3D computer graphics and game development. He’s an avid fan of old-school adventure and arcade action games. A native of Perth, Western Australia, when Simon’s not burning the midnight oil on Mercury Blue, he can be found chasing tourists around the local park while dressed as a giant Koala. Feel free to contact Simon via email. Otherwise, why not just follow him on twitter?


Sergey Rearden, Development Lead

Sergey has a degree in linguistics as well as solid industry experience in computer programming and 3D game development using .net technologies.
As the technical lead on Mercury Blue, Sergey is very hands on and involved in every aspect of development.
He works closely with designers and testers to ensure the development team delivers an outstanding product… and the fans get what they want!

Michael Holmes BA Hons (Theatre), Voice Actor

Michael Holmes is a theatrically trained voice actor from Yorkshire, England.
Fueled by a life long love for video games and performing he decided to combine his two passions and now works full time from his home studio as a voice actor specialising in the games industry.

Including FU-2 in Mercury Blue, Michael’s voice can also be heard in games such as Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff and Marvel Avengers Academy. Michael finished college with a Triple Distinction in Performing Arts and went on the graduate from university with a BA Hons in Theatre.
If you would like to contact Michael regarding voice work then you can reach him via his website – He’d love to hear from you.

Rex Anderson, Voice Actor

Rex considers his work not just a job, but an identity. To Rex, voiceover begins and ends with the ability to create and sustain believable, authentic characters.
Rex has made this his specialty. Clients have described his voice as deep and rich with a clear, punchy top end.
He regularly sings and works with coaches to expand his range and explore what his instrument is truly capable of.
You can find out more about Rex and his services via www.rexanderson.net