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About Mercury Blue Game

Mercury Blue is a sci-fi comedy adventure for Windows PC. It is a classic point-and-click puzzle game at its core, but contains lush 3D environments with action elements throughout the adventure. The game is driven by an in-depth story and exciting characters helping to draw players into its universe. The player plays (primarily) as the main protagonist, Jake Hunter. Jake and his sidekick FU-2 must travel from planet to planet in search of excitement and adventure, all the while tracking down Jake’s Nemisis, Vandros; The leader of the evil mining corporation, Conglomocorp. The game is episodic and set to span over 5 episodes, with a mini-episode/demo to be released in early 2018.


Mercury Blue was first conceived as short story by Simon Anderon in 2006, inspired by various sci-fi games and cartoons. In 2016 a script and layout was planned for the full 5 episodes, with an initial “Mini-Epsiode” set to be released in early 2018.


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Simon Anderson
Design/Technical Lead

Sergey Rearden
Lead Programmer

Mike Holmes
Voice Actor, Freelancer

Rex Anderson
Voice Actor, Freelancer

Rob Lee
Writer, Freelancer