Dev Diary

The Making of Mercury Blue

29th March 2018

Creating Comic Strips

Early on when we defined the Mercury Blue roadmap we decided that not only would a comic be a great way to help get the punters in, but would also allow us to fill in gaps in the storyline, fill in character backstories and keep the fans entertained between episodes. The concern was being able […]

29th March 2018

Animation on a Budget

One of the biggest costs involved with narrative-focussed games involves character animation. With the advent of Hollywood CGI studios bringing highly detailed 3D characters to life on the big screen, over time the expectations for games to match these pain-stakingly crafted animations in cutscenes (and increasingly the gameplay itself) has meant that studios end up […]

6th February 2018

Working with Actors

Prior to starting this project I hadn’t done a lot of work with voice actors directly when it came to games/media projects. A few instructional videos here and there but no real character work. Since starting Mercury Blue a few years ago I’ve learned a lot about how to both pick the right actors for […]

24th September 2017


Hi, and welcome to the first ever Mercury Blue development blog post! I thought for this blog entry I’d talk a little about how we work with our development team when creating cutscenes. There are some very cool Unity cinematic tools out there and the latest version of Unity (2017) has the new timeline editor […]